October 20, 2014


Halloween In Hawaii - October 31st, 2014

Halloween in the Hawaiian islands is celebrated to the maximum. With haunted houses, music and arts festivals or walking up and down the street in your costumes or trick or treating.   Here is a guide to what is going on in Hawaii this Halloween weekend.


Halloween in Oahu

Hallowballoo Music and Arts Festival, Honolulu

The 4th annual Honolulu music and arts bash takes place in the Honolulu Arts District. Expect a crowd as over 16,000 participated last year.

It includes a free Saturday night street festival. There will be entertainment galore including more than forty performances by bands, DJ’s and theatrical groups.

Details: In the Honolulu Arts District (some events take place elsewhere in Honolulu). October 28 through 30. Cost: free to $50.

Haunted Village, Honolulu

University of Hawaii at Manoa has a special Imaginarium show “Nightwalk” for the whole family. It includes a freaky physics lab tour, spooky cartoon videos, “chicken skin” stories.

Audiences will be guided on a nightwalk down a creepy crypt and into a haunted mansion filled with bats, ghosts and spooky things that go boo in the night.

Details: At UH Manoa on Oahu. October 30, 6-8 pm. Cost: free to $3.

Haunted Lagoon, Laie

The Polynesian Cultural Center hosts a haunted lagoon through October 31 where “there’s something lurking in the water.” Take their frightening canoe ride listed as Hawaii’s favorite Halloween adventure.

Details: At Polynesian Cultural Center daily from 6:30pm. Cost: $13-$25 per person (check website for available discounts).

Pumpkin Patch, Kapolei

Halloween isn’t complete without pumpkins, although finding a pumpkin patch in Hawaii will be nearly as hard as finding a place to ski. This one on Oahu is sure to please. They’ll have events throughout the upcoming weekend and it’s a place to pick up locally grown pumpkins in all shapes and sizes too.

Details: At Aloun Farm in Kapolei. Cost: $1.


Halloween in Lahaina, Maui


This is perhaps the consummate Hawaii Halloween event. You won’t be alone, with 25,000 or more guests expected to attend. Front Street will be closed to traffic for the first time in three years. I can’t wait to hear how this goes. It should be a blast.

Details: Monday, October 31. Check out Lahaina Halloween and plan to get there early. Children’s Parade starts at sunset. Cost: free.

Mission Houses Museum Spookilau, Honolulu

Head into the real world of ghost hunters, via Spooky Kine Investigations, Hawaii’s very real ghost hunting and paranormal investigations group as they share their equipment, techniques, stories, and experiences. It takes place at a great venue, the historic Mission Houses Museum (and cemetery) in Honolulu.

You’ll get to participate in two investigations with real ghost hunting equipment as well as discuss Hawaii supernatural phenomena with experts.

Details: Sponsored by Mission Houses Museum. Saturday October 29, 6-9pm. Cost: $8 in advance or $10.



Why not enjoy Halloween and the have a great day Sport fishing off the beautiful Hawaiian Islands...


September 30, 2014


Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Welcomes Sea Verse

Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing is Excited to be working with Sea Verse Sport Fishing, which departs daily from Kewalo Basin, in Honolu Hawaii.

Captain Leon Severs with over 20 years fishing in Hawaii and his crew will show you a great time out on the waters in Oahu. The Sea Verse is a large 44-foot, comfortable twin-engine boat fully equipped for your upcoming sport fishing adventure.
The boat is available for both private and shared charters and can accommodate up to six anglers. Everything is provided for the Charter except your lunch and beverages.


September 28, 2014


Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Welcomes Magic

Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing is excited to be working with Magic Sport Fishing, based out of Kewalo Basin, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Magic is a 50' Pacifica sport fishing yacht with twin diesel engines, which provide a smooth superior ride. Magic not only looks beautiful on the outside, she has all the comforts of a home on the inside; Air-conditioning , TV, DVD, Stereo System, beds, and a comfortable seating area.

Captain Russell Tanaka, has over 20 years of experience in commercial fishing in the Hawaiian waters and holds several distinctions: He is the only skipper in the world to have caught the largest fish in a tournament weighing in at over a 1,000 pounds - TWICE!  Captain Russell has also caught three  (Grandeur's) Blue Marlins with a combined weight of 3,312 lbs in Hawaii. Russell is a gifted fisherman with natural fishing instincts and a lifetime of experience in the Hawaiian waters. The Magic  maintains a 95% catch rate. Assuring that if fish are out there, he's going to bring them in.

You will experience the  luxury of the beautiful 50' Pacifica yacht Magic when you join Captain Russell Tanaka and crew for a day of sportfishing. The Magic is the most comfortable sportfishing boat on Oahu and is only minutes from Waikiki.




September 26, 2014


Hinatea Sport Fishing Looking Good in Lahaina Maui !

Hinatea has been in Dry Dock from Sept 17th - September 26th, 2014 for it annual maintenance, as is set to go back in the water on Saturday September 27th and is looking fantastic !

The Hinatea (pronounced “Hee-nah-tay-ah”) is a beautifully maintained 41′ Hatteras operating out of Maui’s Lahaina harbor. She’s fast to reach the fishing grounds, with a stable, comfortable ride. with plenty of amenities. Hinatea Sportfishing was Maui’s top marlin catch boat in 2012 and 2013, and is on track to maintain her record in 2014. A consistent leader in marlin “tag and release”, Hinatea believes in sustainability. Ultimately however, the decision to keep or release a fish belongs to the angler.

Take a look at the dry dock pictures below and see how great she is looking a what a beautiful design this boat is.




September 24, 2014


Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Welcomes Piper Sport Fishing

Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing is excited to welcome Captain Jeff Kahl and his 47 foot Cabo, Piper who fish out of Maalaea Harbor, Maui Hawaii.

As your fishing guide, Captain Kahl, with his 30 years of Hawaii sport fishing experience will provide you with an amazing day out on the waters in Maul in his beautiful Cabo 47. The Piper is a 47-foot Cabo, with air conditioning, television, VCR, stereo and a comfortable main salon, galley and 2 private head. She’s equipped with top-of-the-line fishing gear and boasts a top speed of 30 knots for a speedy trip out to the fishing grounds. She is immaculately maintained and every detail is carefully thought out to provide you with the utmost in comfort and safety. The boat also has a 600 gallon/day water maker, 2 live wells and 8 tuna tubes.

Piper Charters provides private charters and all fishing gear, licenses and tackle are included. Your Piper charter will target Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Ono and other species of game and table fish. World records in these and other species are consistently set in the waters of the islands.

Spending as much time as he could in or on the Atlantic motivated Jeff Kahl to explore other oceans. At the ripe old age of 18 Jeff moved to Maui with his surfboard and tackle box and soon found himself in the cockpit of a game boat with a smile from ear to ear! It didn't take long for Jeff to move into the Captains seat and ever since that day his goal has been to catch each client their biggest fish to date.

Captain Jeff Kahl has logged over 6000 days on the oceans in search of giant game fish. Being born and raised in Maryland spawned his incredible passion and curiosity for the sea. Along the way Jeff caught Maui's first Grander by a charter boat! The 1118 pound blue marlin was caught in 2002 and still stands as the record. Capt. Jeff has chased Granders from Australia's Great Barrier Reef to most recently Nova Scotia for thousand pound bluefin with the Pelagic team. Capt. Jeff has 4 children that enjoy his passion for the ocean as much as he does, don't be surprised to see one of them setting a pattern for you on board the Piper.



September 17, 2014


Large Groups Sport & Bottom Fishing in Maui, Hawaii

If you have a large group of people who all want to go fishing on the same boat in Maui then Strike Zone is the perfect vessel for you. This is perfect for wedding parties or large family vacations where you all want to spend time on the water together.

Strike Zone can hold up to 16 anglers and 5 spectators on their 6 hour private charters. You can choose the popular combo of doing 3 hours of sport fishing combined with 3 hours of bottom fishing or just spend the whole time sport fishing.

On the way to and from the bottom fishing destinations, the boat often high-speed trolls for big game fish to make the most of the running time. By doing this, you have a chance of hooking up to any or all of the classic big game trophy fish such as marlin, yellowfin and skipjack tuna, mahi mahi, and ono.

Experiencing the thrill of big game fishing and bottom fishing in a great combo package to enhance your chances of catching more fish or just Sport Fish for the big Bill Fish.

Click Here for SPECIALS 
August 18, 2014


Larger Fishing Groups in Maui - Bottom Fishing and Sport Fishing Trips

If you have more than six people and you are looking to go fishing in Maui, you might have a problem finding a fishing charter boat that can accommodate you all.

Hawaii Deep Sea fishing works with a great boat out of Maalaea Harbor, Maui that will suit your needs.

Join Strike Zone for a great day of bottom fishing and deep sea sport fishing, a 43' Delta departing from Maalaea Harbor, Maui, Hawaii.
Strike Zone departs daily from Maalaea Harbor. It typically takes about an hour to reach some of the most productive bottom fishing spots and you may fish a few different locations on any given trip. Locations for that day are determined by what's been biting recently, as well as current weather conditions.

The boat can hold up to 16 passengers, which makes it great for groups who want to try out fishing together and also has different rates for adults, children and those that just want to spectate and watch their friends or family fish.

Frequently caught species of fish include many varieties of snappers, trevallys, wrasses, as well as sea bass and the occasional shark. Bottom fishing anglers are invited to keep their catch. The crew will give you a few tips on how best to prepare it!

On the way to and from their bottom fishing destinations, they often high-speed troll for big game to make the most of your running time. By doing this, you have a chance of hooking up to any or all of the classic big game trophy fish such as marlin, yellowfin and skipjack tuna, mahi mahi, and ono. 

Experiencing the thrill of big game fishing and bottom fishing are both part of your daily trip.