Larger Fishing Groups in Maui - Bottom Fishing and Sport Fishing Trips

If you have more than six people and you are looking to go fishing in Maui, you might have a problem finding a fishing charter boat that can accommodate you all.

Hawaii Deep Sea fishing works with a great boat out of Maalaea Harbor, Maui that will suit your needs.

Join Strike Zone for a great day of bottom fishing and deep sea sport fishing, a 43' Delta departing from Maalaea Harbor, Maui, Hawaii.
Strike Zone departs daily from Maalaea Harbor. It typically takes about an hour to reach some of the most productive bottom fishing spots and you may fish a few different locations on any given trip. Locations for that day are determined by what's been biting recently, as well as current weather conditions.

The boat can hold up to 16 passengers, which makes it great for groups who want to try out fishing together and also has different rates for adults, children and those that just want to spectate and watch their friends or family fish.

Frequently caught species of fish include many varieties of snappers, trevallys, wrasses, as well as sea bass and the occasional shark. Bottom fishing anglers are invited to keep their catch. The crew will give you a few tips on how best to prepare it!

On the way to and from their bottom fishing destinations, they often high-speed troll for big game to make the most of your running time. By doing this, you have a chance of hooking up to any or all of the classic big game trophy fish such as marlin, yellowfin and skipjack tuna, mahi mahi, and ono. 

Experiencing the thrill of big game fishing and bottom fishing are both part of your daily trip.




Carl Murphy


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