Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a booking on your site?
Select which boat you would like to fish with and select a requested time.
The chartered boats on our site are NOT IN REAL TIME.  
All fishing charters are on a request basis and are not confirmed until you receive your Eticket pdf.  
The Eticket pdf will be sent in a separate email only when your boat is actually confirmed and booked.
If we can not book your requested charter, we will contact you via email and call you with alternative boats available.

What does my fishing include?
Your fishing will include: use of rods, reels, bait/lure. You do not need a fishing license for any sport-fishing charters in Hawaii. (Generally food and drinks are not included, please see each boat for more info)

Do you have a booking fee?
Absolutely not! There are no fees to book online or call one of our deep sea fishing specialists. Our rates are also less than booking directly with the boat.

What chartered boats are available?
Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing provides discounted Deep Sea Fishing with 44 charter boats. Click here for a full list of all fishing companies Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing offers.

Are boats available everyday?
Unfortunately no. Our inventory of charters changes daily. Some days a boat may be sold out or not available when you want to fish. However, because we work with so many Captains, a boat with a quality skipper should be available for most morning or afternoons.

How do I reserve?
You have two options: 1) go to and book online or 2) call our toll free number and one of our specialists will take your booking over the phone.

Who do I pay and how do I pay?
Payment is made to Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Discover, JCB and American Express.

How many people can be on each boat?
Most boats will allow up to 6 anglers, we do have a few boat in Maui and Big Island that allow more people on the boat.

What is a Private Charter?

Private Charters are exclusive fishing charters for you and your group.

What is a Shared Charter?
Shared Charters are with a group of people.(between 4-6 anglers) Our company will try to set you up with other anglers.(Shared Charters are not guaranteed unless there are at least 4 anglers)
Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing will contact you if there are not enough anglers the day before the trip.

How long are Private or Shared Charters in Hawaii?
The charters are either 4 hours, 6 hours or 8 hours.

What time do the fishing trips depart?
Most charters leave at around 6am, on occasion some boats will also have a later departure. (check each boat individually to see the latest times)

Can I book for only a Single?
We do have a few Captains that provide space for a single wanting to go on his boat.

How do I cancel my booked deep sea fishing?
To cancel your booked charter please call us toll free at 1.855.975.3474 or email us using the Contact Us Form.

Is there a cancellation fee?
If you received your Eticket for your booked time there is a 10% cancellation fee for cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to the confirmed charter. Charters cancelled within 48 hours prior to the confirmed time are NON REFUNDABLE.  EXCEPTIONS: Action, Cuz, Hinatea, Luckey Strike, Magic, Rascal, Start Me Up and Strike Zone ALL REQUIRE 72 HOURS NOTICE and  Marlin Magic & Piper REQUIRES 7 days prior to boat departure to cancel. Charters on these boats cancelled within these times are NON REFUNDABLE. Lahela is NON REFUNDABLE within  30 days of your charter. Action, Cuz & Start Me up are NON REFUNDABLE 7 days in advance of  the Christmas Week (Dec 25th- Jan 4th), Excellence are NON REFUNDABLE 7 days in advance between Dec 22nd - Jan 3rd.

Can I refund my Gift Card?
Gift cards are non-refundable. Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash. Gift cards have no expiry date.

What if I want to change my charter, is there a fee?
There is no fee if the change is made before the cancellation period (see above).

What if it rains?
As long as the boat is going out, you are expected to be there. Captains appreciate that no one wants to fish in a downpour or to be on the ocean in dangerous conditions and they have great leniency in that regard. For a casual, passing shower or brief delay, there is no leniency. Rain checks are offered according to each boats policy.

Will we catch fish?
It is fishing, you are never guaranteed to catch fish, but your best chances for catching fish are on the full day charters. You need time to get out to the best fishing grounds and stay there a while.
The Captain and deckhands are great fishermen and will work hard to help you catch some Hawaiian fish.

Can we keep our catch?
Most Captains will let you keep your catch up to a certain weight. See each boat for more information. On Shared charters, all anglers will receive an equal share of the catch given.

How do tip's or gratuities work on the boats?
Mates or deckhands on the boat make their money by selling fish and receiving tips. It is customary in the charter fishing business to tip the crew. Crew tips in Hawaii are usually 15-20%.

What are Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Office Hours?
Mon-Fri 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM (HST)
Sat & Sun 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM (HST)

How can I contact Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing?

Our office is located in the heart of Waikiki
307 Lewers Street #701
Honolulu Hawaii, USA
Toll Free:  855 975 FISH (3474)
Phone:      808 888 3179
Fax:           808 356 0188

Email Us: click here