Hinatea Sport Fishing Looking Good in Lahaina Maui !

Hinatea has been in Dry Dock from Sept 17th - September 26th, 2014 for it annual maintenance, as is set to go back in the water on Saturday September 27th and is looking fantastic !

The Hinatea (pronounced “Hee-nah-tay-ah”) is a beautifully maintained 41′ Hatteras operating out of Maui’s Lahaina harbor. She’s fast to reach the fishing grounds, with a stable, comfortable ride. with plenty of amenities. Hinatea Sportfishing was Maui’s top marlin catch boat in 2012 and 2013, and is on track to maintain her record in 2014. A consistent leader in marlin “tag and release”, Hinatea believes in sustainability. Ultimately however, the decision to keep or release a fish belongs to the angler.

Take a look at the dry dock pictures below and see how great she is looking a what a beautiful design this boat is.




Carl Murphy


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