42' - Jun Ken Po

42' - Jun Ken Po

42 Foot Bertram fishing yacht, based in Maalaea. Charter Prices are per boat (Maximum 6 people) and include rods, reels, tackle and bait. Minimum Age 5.

The Jun Ken Po is a 42ft. Bertram Deep Sea Fishing yacht maintained to the highest standards, she proudly holds membership in the prestigious World Grander Club. This exclusive club is reserved for individuals and vessels who have successfully caught Blue Marlin weighing over 1,000 pounds. Jun Ken Po has accomplished this remarkable feat not only once, but three times!

Jun Ken Po, complete with top-notch gear and modern sensor systems. These advanced tools aid in locating the grandest catches the area has to offer. Rest assured, the skilled and experienced fishing crew will be at your side, guiding you through the entire process – from selecting the ideal bait to triumphantly reeling in the catch of a lifetime..

Join us aboard the Jun Ken Po, our fully equipped 42′ Bertram, complete with top-notch gear and modern sensor systems. Our experienced fishing crew will take you to all Maui’s best fishing spots and provide practical guidance. Whether you choose a 6-hour, 8-hour, or 10-hour adventure, we’ll be there to cater to your every need every step of the way.

While our tours are tailored to small groups of up to six people, we also offer private charters for those who want to add an extra special touch to their adventure. On top of hooking prize catches, our Maui sport fishing trips offer you the opportunity to take in stunning views of the island’s coastline and relax under the Hawaiian sun while floating on the Pacific. You may also be lucky enough to spot marine creatures ranging from turtles to dolphins and whales.

Catch Policy: This is up to the captain’s discretion.  If guests have a place to prepare fish for dinner, we’re happy to fillet smaller fish for them.  We do not fillet fish to freeze and/or ship to the mainland.

Boat Info

Address: Slip #41, Maalaea Harbor, Maui Hawaii
Name: Jun Ken Po
Captain: Ryan Hall
Boat Launched: 1978
Staff on Board: 2
Length of Boat: 42 feet                                                                Beam : 15 feet                                             
Private Charters: yes Shared Charters: yes
Tag and Release: yes*
Keep Catch: Yes, fish under 50 lbs
Fishing License Required: no Fish Filleted: yes
Types of Rods: Custom made Types of Reels: Shimano
Bent/Straight Rods: Straight 
Reel Sizes: 25-130
Fighting Chair/Harness: yes/yes Tackle Included: yes
Flybridge:  yes Bait Types: lures/live/no
Engine: Twin 360 Yanmar Diesel
Fish Finder/GPS: yes/yes
Tuna Tower: no Life jacket Adult/Child: yes/yes
Galley: yes Cabins: 1
Food Provided: no Alcohol Permitted: yes(no bottle)
Fridge/Cooler: yes Refreshments Included: no
Air Conditioning: no CD/TV/Microwave: no/no/no
Toilet/Head: yes Shower: no
Swimming Policy: no Transportation: no
Bottom Fishing: no Spectator Fee: no
Minimum age: 5 years old
Maximum Passengers: 6



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There are currently no videos for this charter company. Come back soon to see someone reel in the big catch!

We recommend you to bring the following: Suntan Lotion, Hat, Rainjacket, Sunglasses, Camera, Sweater, Water, Food, Sea Sickness Pills, change of clothes, (especially for children) Towel, Book/Magazine

This boat offers private charters. You will be the only group on the boat and can ask the Captain to take you to certain locations. You will have the option to do both bottom fishing and sport fishing. On a private charter if you want to bring the boat in early, you can do this. There are many advantages to booking the boat to yourselves.

This boat also has Shared Charters. There will be other anglers on this charter. The captain will decide where you go fishing and you will be on a specific time frame decided by the charter company.

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