2014 Ahi Fever Winners, Oahu

Two friends of Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing were winners at this years 2014 Ahi Fever Tournament off the coast of Waianae Oahu.

Saturday June 14th and Sunday June 15th, was the date of the the Ahi Fever Fishing Tournament which is scheduled to coincide with the beginning of the annual run of yellowfin tuna that show up during the summer months in large numbers off Oahu's leeward coast.

Congratulations go to Captain Don Hackman and Whipsaw for coming in 3rd on day one at this Years 2014 Ahi Fever Tournament - Just 9 lbs off the winner with an impressive weight of 201 lbs,in the Ahi category, Whipsaw won $3000 in Prize money - If you want to fish with a winner, you can book Whipsaw through Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing !





Congratulations goes also to our friend Captain Maurice Chalker Jr  and his magnificent boat the Muireann Mariel, who on Day two, won the Bonus clean sweep award for Largest Otaru with a weight of 20.6 lbs and taking home prize money of $675.  You can book this winning charter at through Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing -





Congratulations to our winners and all our friends who took part.

Leah Mutual


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