Cook Your Catch

Mahi Mahi's aka Dorados are in peak season right now! Try this simple yet tasty recipe for your next catch!


3-4 mahi mahi fillets (3oz. each)
1/2 tbspn lemon zest (from 1-2 lemons)
1/2 tbspn fresh thyme
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 medium sized onion
3 cloves of garlic (minced)
1/2 tbspn olive oil


1. To zest, simply rub your lemon against cheese grater, careful to turn the lemon as you grate through just the yellow rind.

2. Once you have your lemon zest, combine with salt and pepper in a bowl.

3. Add thyme to the zest/salt/pepper mix. When adding the thyme you want the leaves, not the stems. To get the leaves, pinch the stems and run your pinched fingers all the way down the length of the stem to remove thyme leaves. Discard the stems & add the leaves to the mix.

4. Pat dry your fish with a paper towel. Coat the fish with the spice mix. Set aside on a plate.


1. Heat a pan on medium/high heat. Add olive oil.

2. Once pan is searing hot, add onions.

3. Once your onions are a golden brown, add your fish to sear. Be sure not to move the fish once you set it down in the pan. Let the fish sear for 3-4minutes (depending on thickness).

4. Turn your fish over using a spatula. Let the fish sear for another 3-4minutes (depending on thickness).

5. Allow fish to completely sear on the other side, then lower heat and cover your pan so that the fish can cook all the way through. Add your garlic. Let fish cook for another 3-4minutes (depending on thickness).

6. Once fish is cooked through, remove from heat and serve.

Kenna Sith


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