Deep Sea Fishing Maui

Deep Sea Fishing or Sport Fishing is the most popular form of fishing in Hawaii.

The types of fish caught include mahi mahi (dorado), ono (wahoo), ahi (yellowfin tuna), striped marlin, and blue marlin. There are also a number of smaller tuna, and billfish the boats land. These fish swim quickly, some over 30 mph. They all hit essentially the same lures so there is very little ‘targeting” of species out here. 

Maui sport fishing is typically done by dragging artificial lures at or just below the surface as the boat cruises along at roughly 8 to 10 mph. This can seem fast to the novice angler but the pelagic species that are caught are after fast moving prey.

The chances of hooking one of these larger game fish are lower than catching bottom fish, but the potential rewards are spectacular, making an offshore trolling trip the ultimate fishing experience.