Why is this the Best Year for Fishing?

Most resent observations (from all our affiliated Captains) stat this has been the best year for deep sea fishing! Catches are coming back in record breaking amounts and record breaking sizes.... but why? 

Theory goes it's due to El Niño.

El Niño events are associated with physical and biological changes in our oceans that affect fish distribution. Among the variations in oceanographic features that are observed following an El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) event are changes in sea-surface temperatures, changes in the vertical, thermal structure of the ocean (particularly in coastal regions), and altered coastal and upwelling currents. These changes can directly affect the species composition and abundance of fishes. In the northern hemisphere, El Niño events typically result in observations of tropical, warm water species moving north (thereby extending their range). Cold water species move north or into deeper water (thereby restricting their range). Surface-oriented, schooling fish often disperse and move into deeper waters. Fishes that remain in an affected region experience reduced growth, reproduction, and survival.

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Alexa Roggeveen


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