What It Means To Fish By The Moon

Many anglers have theories based around the sun and moon phases, which is left up to you to figure what you agree with. However, to be a good Angler, one must consider all possible options with an open mind. From our research, the effects of the ocean’s tides and moon phases are intertwined with when fish feed. Fish tend to feed on moving tides, therefore, being effected by the number of tides and strength of these tides. Since the tides are affected and generated by the moon, the fishing can be better or worse based on any given period of the moon phase. For the most part, many captains like to fish on the building side or the waxing phase of the moon. Many captains feel the few days before and after a full moon are the peak times of the month for marlin fishing. This coincidentally is also a time when the tides tend to be stronger and more frequent as well. So as we see it, an animal is connected with it's ecosystem and therefor held by influence via the moon. Keep in mind, there are many other factors of influence at play in the ecosystem of a fish.

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Alexa Roggeveen


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