Shared Fishing Charters in Kona, Big Island, Hawaii

Are you looking to charter a fishing boat on the Big Island, but for just for yourself or one or two others? 

If you would like to try a Shared charter, instead of chartering the whole boat, you can join others and just book at a per person rate. Shared charters require at least 4 people to sign up for the fishing charter to operate.

Sea Wife II offer 4 hour shared charters each day, leaving in the morning at around 7:30 am or at 12 pm in the afternoon. There are also rates for non fishing Spectators on these shared fishing charters.  

Sea Wife will take 4 to 8 anglers and up to 4 spectators, all anglers are assigned a rod and your position is rotated throughout the trip. They usually troll from the harbor with all lines out, one for every angler. Once the boat is at a buoy, floater or other floating structure, the boat will then use two bait rods. Some days everyone catches, some days not. On the way back, the boat will again troll for the big game fish.

On a shared charter, the boat will target smaller game, increasing the chance of everyone onboard catching a fish. Those not fishing can enjoy a great view from the shaded top deck, relax and sit back in the beautiful warm pacific waters.




Carl Murphy


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Joe perhauch

September 27, 2014

I will be on Maui from 12/26/2014 to 12/30/2014 and on Hawaii from 1/1/2015 to 1/5/2015, fishing one or two days on each island. Sine I’ll be by mwself for the fishing trips, I’m ok with shared charters (can afford 2 shared trips or one private on each island). Thanks

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