Blue Marlin World Cup, July 4th, 2014

There can be only one !!

The Blue Marlin World Cup celebrating it's 30th anniversary, is the only Big game fishing tournament that allows teams to fish anywhere in the world for 8 hours in their time zones. The World Cup is for 1 day only, for 1 species only and with 1 winner only. There is no second place in the World Cup.

The entry fee of $3000 includes everyone on the boat. The OPTIONAL additional  $5000 BIG BLUE CHALLENGE is for those who want to win an even BIGGER AWARD,  In 2011 this division was won with a 585 lb Kona blue marlin.

Fish aboard your own boat or charter a professional team in many of the big blue marlin hot spots around the world. If you live in New York, go to Bermuda; if in Australia, charter a boat in Fiji or if in Las Vegas, why not fly to Kona to fish? The World Cup has been won in 10 locations around the world with many more famous blue marlin hot spots not yet producing a winner.

On July 4 make sure your team is ready to win hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention bragging rights for having caught the biggest blue while competing against some of the top sport fishing teams around the globe.

In 2013 - The World Cup Blue Marlin Championship (World Cup)  took place on July 4 in 18 countries and territories with 130 teams participating. However, for the second year in a row it was Bermuda where the winning blue marlin was landed.

For 2014, already teams have registered from the Cape Verde Islands in the far eastern Atlantic to Kona, Hawaii. Kauai, well north of Hawaii's Big Island, will be represented this year for the first time. Anglers from as far away as Russia will again be fishing the World Cup on July 4.


Carl Murphy


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