Dirty Dozen Fishing Tournament, Kona, Hawaii

The Dirty Dozen Fishing Tournament in 2014  will be held the 1st Saturday of each month, with the exception of July and August, when all of the major tournaments are held.  HBGFC and Queen K Tesoro will be sponsoring the 2014 "Dirty Dozen" series of one day tournaments again in 2014.

Entry fee will be $100.00 per team with a one hundred percent return to the winners. Fifty percent goes to the largest marlin weighing over 200 lbs and the remaining fifty percent going to the largest mahi mahi (20 lb minimum), ono (20 lb minimum), or tuna (50 lb minimum) weighed, whichever is the largest.

Marlin Side Pot categories of $50.00, $100.00, and $300.00 for the largest marlin weighed over the 200 lb minimum in each category. There will be a ninety five percent return to the winner in each category. If there are no qualifying marlin in any of the side pot categories, the money will be returned at ninety five percent for the teams in the category that did not have a qualifying marlin.

Carl Murphy


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