Monster Blue Marlin Caught in Hawaii

Everyone knows that Deep Sea Fishing Season in Hawaii is year round. However, we are once again approaching those much anticipated months where it is the beginning of PEAK season. Can you think of any better place to embark on your fishing adventure than off of the breathtaking Hawaiian Islands? Whether you’re an experienced angler or just looking for something fun to do for the day, nothing beats the thrill of big game fishing and a day out at sea. In the upcoming month of May there will be no shortage of fish. It is peak season for just about every fish imaginable, both Blue and Striped Marlin, Spearfish, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Wahoo (Ono), Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi) you name it!

Recently HawaiiDeepSeaFishing boats have been making headlines with their colossal catches. Last month it was a giant 823-pound marlin caught off the southern coast of Oahu on Sportfishing boat Play n Hooky. In addition, just last week over in Lahaina, Maui Sportfishing boat Start Me Up got into the action as well securing a 661.5-pound big blue. The monster of a fish was ultimately lured in by Brad Schafer. He was fishing alongside Captain Randy Evans and deckman Jeremy Johnson.


From left, Brad Schafer, Capt. Randy Evans and Deckman Jeremy Johnson with their 661.5-pound marlin caught on Start Me Up.

Start Me Up promotes a “Catch a 500+lb. Marlin & Your Trip is Free” guarantee, and will also make a $300 donation to a Maui charity. Nevertheless, for catching the 600+ pound beast, Start Me Up gave Brad his trip for free and donated $300 to Habitat for Humanity.