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Strikeology have had some serious bites the last couple of days !! (Oct 22)

Strikeolgy, Oahu fishing charters

sport fishing , Hawaii

 Play n hookywith a fantastic catch yesterday in Oahu (Oct 21)

Playnhooky Sport fishing, Oahu, Hawaii

Sea Wife II, out of Kona with a nice catch (Oct 20)

Sea Wife , kona fishing


Sea Wife, Sportfishing


Those smiles say it all for this family with their Ta'ape orBlueLined Snapper‬ on a 4 hour trip with Start Me Up (Oct 18)

Start Me Up, BlueLined Snapper, Maui, Fish

Nice Ono, caught on Hinatea in Maui (Oct 17)

Hinatea, Ono, Sportfishing, Maui

Great action shot from Marlin Magic, in Kona (Oct 14)

Marlin Magic, Kona Sport fishing

Sea Wife II with a great haul on a shared fishing charter (Oct 13)

Sea Wife 2, Kona, Hawaii

Boom Boom II with a very large YellowFin in Waianae, Oahu (Oct 12)

Boom Boom II, Oahu, sport fishing

Nice Mahi Mahi caught on Start Me Up in Lahaina, Maui (Oct 10)

Mahi, Start Me up, Maui fishing

Finest Kind in Maui with a nice Wahoo in Maui (Oct 9)

Finest Kind, Sport Fishing, Lahaina

Finest Kind, out of Lahaina Maui with a monster (Oct 8)

Finest Kind, Sportfishing, Maui

High Flier with a 560 Lbs Marlin yesterday in Kona (Oct 7)

High Flier, Marlin, Hawaii, Sport, Fishing

Start Me Up out of Lahaina, Maui (Oct 6)

Start Me up Sport fishing

Start Me Up with a nice Wahoo in Maui (Oct 3)

Start Me up Maui Fishing

Strikeology with a 120 lbs Tuna yesterday out of Ala Wai Harbor, Oahu (Oct 2)

Strikeology, Ala Wai Harbor, Fishing

Mele Kai in Kauai with a great Haul of YellowFin (Oct 1)

Mele Kai, Kauai Fishing

Mahea B from Ko Olina Harbor on Oahu (Sep 30)

Mahea B Sport Fishing

Recent catches on High Flier in Kona (Sep 29)

High Flier Fishing

High Flier

Sea Wife II with another nice catch in Kona this morning (Sept 26)

Nemeis with some happy customers in Kauai (Sept 25)

Marlin Magic II with another great catch in Kona (Sep 24)

Marlin Magic 2

Sea Wife's Catch yesterday in Kona (Sept 23)

Nemesis in Kauai with a nice catch (Sept 21)

Marlin Magic in Kona bringing in a nice blue (Sept 18)

Sea Wife II in Kona with a nice catch (Sep 17)

Boom Boom II, Oahu with a nice Yellowfin (Sept 16)

Marlin Magic in Kona with a blue Marlin (Sept 15)

Boom Boom II on the West coast of Oahu (Sept 14)

Last Chance out of Kona bring in a blue Marlin (Sept 13)

High Flier in Koan, Big Island in Action (Sept 12)

Nemesis in Kauai in Action (Sept 11)

Marlin Magic in Kona bringing in a blue (Sept 10)

Caught on Sea Wife in Kona (Sept 9)

Labor Day Catches on Start me up in Maui (Sept 7)

Recent catches on Lucky Strike II out of Lahaina Maui (Sept 6)

Nice catches on today's charter aboard Sea Wife II in Kona (Sept 5)

The boys on Start Me Up just caught this 65lb Ulua off the Maui Coast. (Sept 4)

Marlin Magic again with a great shot of a Blue Marlin (Sept 2nd)

Marlin Magic with the Blue Marlin (Sept 1st)

Nemesis with another blue biting today (Aug 31)

Nemesis in Kauai out of Port Allen with a Blue Marlin (Aug 30)

Magic caught this nice YellowFin, they fish from Kewalo Basin on Oahu (Aug 29)

Nice catch on Boom Boom on the West side of Oahu! (Aug 28)


Great News!! A 1309 Blue was just caught on the Northern Lights.

This was the 6th Grander for the Big Island for 2015! Grander hunters plenty great boats

with great captains and crews could this be your Grander year!!! (Aug 27)


Nice Blue Marlin caught on Hinatea out of Lahaina, Maui. (Aug 26)

A family was on a 4 hour private with Start Me Up and ended up getting a 255 Marlin (Aug 21)

Captain JR on Strikeology has been getting decent catches all week (Aug 19)

Check out this great big Ahi caught off The West Side of Oahu (August 17)

Happy family and their catch from yesterday off Mele Kai in Kauai (August 13)

Piper in Maui with a nice 400 lb Marlin (Aug 12)

Marlin Magic catching the Blue's (Aug 10)

The Legendary Marlin Parker on Marlin Magic competing in the Kona Shootout plus other tournament photos (Aug 7th)

Happy Anglers on Sea Wife II in Kona ! (Aug 6)

Marlin Magic II competing in day one of the Kona Shootout Tournament (Aug 5)


Nice Ahi caught by our friends on Mazel Tov (Aug 4)

Some great catches on Sea Wife II out of Kona over the last week (Aug 3)

Sea Wife FishingSea Wife Fishing

Beautiful colors on this billfish caught on Illusions in Kona (Aug 1)

Largest Blue Marlin caught in Kona in last 25 years ! This monster weighed 1368 LBS !!! (July 30)


The boys on Magic just caught this nice little Blue (July 29)

Dinner just caught off the coast of Oahu, nothing like some fresh fish for dinner (July 27)

The gang on Foxy Lady have been having a great 2 week stretch catching Big Blue Marlins (July 26)

 Whipsaw, Oahu - with two large Yellowfin - Ahi for dinner !! (July 25)

Whipsaw caught this Monster !! Great Boat and crew in Kewalo Basin, Oahu (July 24)

A couple your brothers celebrating their "ono" catch on Kauai today (July 23)

A great day on Strikeology for our guest John Healey and his buddies - Two blue marlin 200 lbs and 350 lbs & 6 small ahi's ! (July 22nd)

PlaynHooky with a 150 lb Marlin on a late afternoon charter (July 21)

Check out this great big Blue Marlin caught on Mazel Tov (July 18)

 A beautiful Mahi Mahi caught yesterday off the waters of Oahu on Saturday (July 18)

Marlin Magic - Two for Two with these blue Marlins in Kona (July 18th)

marlin sportfishing

marlin magic

Action with a great catch of Mahi and Yellowfin in Lahaina, Maui (July 17th)

Nice catch Kids ! - On Sea Wife II out of Kona (July 15th)

Nice haul for our guests on board Strikeology out of Ala Wai Harbor, Oahu, yesterday (July 14th)

Great Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi) catch for our guests on board Play n Hooky, Oahu (July 13th)

Nice catches on Nasty Habit out of Kona (July 11th)

Nice Wahoo caught by 12 year old Gage on Start Me up out of Lahaina Harbor in Maui (July 9th)

Nice Big Aku caught on Sea Wiffe II out of Kona Yesterday (July 8th)

Nice action shots from Foxy Lady in Kona (July 7th)

Big Yellowfin caught on Nemesis in Kauai (July 5th)

Boom Boom II pulling in the fish this week from Waianae small boat Harbor, Oahu (July 3rd)

Reel Intense with a Nice Blue Marlin (July 2nd)

Nice 167 lb Ahi caught on Last Chance in Kona (July 2nd)

Marlin Magic bringing in the Marlin in Kona (July 1st)

Marlin MAGIC, kONA

kona sport fishing

 Blue Marlin caught on Nemesis in Kauai (June 30)

Another great day on "Magic" in Oahu (June 29)

Our Guests the Erickson's caught a 200lb Marlin on Play n Hooky Yesterday (June 27th)

Marlin caught on Play n Hooky, Oahu, Sportfishing

Blue Marlin and Ahi some of the catches this week on Mazel Tov (June 26th)

Nice Marlin caught on Mahea B out of Ko Olina Harbor (June 24th)

Nemesis just landed this lovely 200lbs Ahi this morning! (June 23rd)

Strikeology doing it again out of Ala Wai Harbor, Waikiki (June 22nd)

Strikeology with a nice catch in Oahu (June 20th)

Nice 141 lb Ahi caught 250 fathoms in front of the Harbor, on the way back in onboard Illusions (June 18th)

176 lb Marlin caught aboard Play n Hooky in Oahu (June 17th)

Not Caught, but a friendly Whale shark stopped by to say hello to Nemesis (June 16th)

Small Blue Marlin Released by Nemesis, Kauai (June 15th)

Nice Ahi caught on Nemesis out of Port Allen, Kauiai - 140 lbs & 170 lbs (June 14th)

Marlin Magic releasing a 600 lb Marlin in Kona (June 13th)

Nice Marlin catch on Marlin Magic in Kona (June 11th)

Nice Mahi Mahi caught on Nasty Habit in Kona (June 10)

Great Ahi caught on Marlin Magic II yesterday in Kona (June 9)

The Ahi are still running on the islands, check someone is going to have a great dinner! (June 8)

Our friends on Strikeology had a great day yesterday bringing in lots of Ahi (June 5)


Whipsaw on Oahu caught 9 Ono (Wahoo) and they also caught 2 Mahi Mahi ! (Jun 4)

Luxury Yacht Jayhawk, in Lahaina Maui with some happy guests this weekend (June 2) 


Jayhawk, Maui

More great catches on Boom Boom on the West Side of Oahu this week ! (May 30)

High Flier out of Kona with another great action shot (May 29)

High Flier with a nice Marlin catch and release (May 27)

Check out this Grandeur caught today on Start Me UP 1058lbs!!

Nice Aku caught on Sea Wife II in Kona (May 26)

Great action shot from "Last Chance" out of Kona pulling up a a Striped Marlin (May 24)

Nemesis out of Port Allen in Kauai with a Nice Ahi yesterday (May 21)

Humdinger catching a nice Blue Marlin off Kona (May 20)

Boom Boom II catching fish in May, just a selection of many fish caught this month already ! (May 19)

Check out this nice big guy just caught on Kauai aboard Mele Kai (May 18)

Whipsaw have had some great catches this week! (May 16)


Another great catch on Mazel Tov earlier today on the Oahu waters! (May 13)

Nice 3/4 day with the Nguyen party on Play n Hooky yesterday! (May 10)

Two Marlins caught on High Flier yesterday in Kona! (May 9)

Nice 3/4 day fishing trip for our guests the Gunzelman's aboard the Play n Hooky on Oahu (May 8)

Sea Wife II with another great haul today in Kona (May 6)

Great pictures from High Flier, Kona - Catching and releasing a 275lb Blue Marlin (May 2)

Congratulations to our friends on Whipsaw who got 3rd place in the Senorita's Tournament this past weekend in Oahu ! (Apr 29)

Another big spearfish caught off Port Allen Kauai with Nemesis yesterday (April 23)


Sea Wife in Kona keep pulling the catches in! (Apr 22)

Nice bill fish caught by this young angler of High Flier, Kona this week (April 21)

Fishing is still going great on Oahu,  book your charter now (April 20)


Great catch by Whipsaw out of Oahu Yesterday (Apr 18th)

Another beautiful spearfish caught in Kona on Marlin Magic II (35lb)


674lbs Blue Marlin just caught off Maui on Start Me Up (April 14)

Mahi Mahi caught on Mazel Tov, Honolulu, Oahu yesterday (Apr 10)

Striped Marlin being caught on Ku'uipo today ! (Apr 9th)

Mazel Tov on Oahu (April 1)

A big beautiful 42lb Wahoo just caught in Maui (March 30)

Some nice Mahi Mahi caught on Mazel Tov (March 25)

 Checkout this great spearfish that High a Flier just caught (March 23)


Great action shot from Marlin Magic who fish out of Honokohau Harbor in Kona. (March 21)

Marlin Magic, Kona, Hawaii, Sport fishing

Some recent catches on Piper out of Maalaea Harbor Maui with Captain Jeff Kahl (March 20)

Piper Sportfishing, Maui

Piper sport fishing, Maui Fishing

Nice Spearfish caught by 7 year old Spencer on a Nemesis out of Port Allen small boat Harbor, Kauai. (March 18)

Nemesis, spearfish, Kauai, Hawaii

 Great shot of our friends on Boom Boom II on the West side of Oahu pulling in a monster last week (March 17th)

They landed this 714 lb. Blue Marlin on board the Action with Captain Jon & 1st. mate Rob. It's the biggest Marlin this year for Lahaina Harbor. Since the Marlin was over 500 lbs. the trip is free, it doesn't get better than that! (March 15th)

Action, Start Me Up, Fishing, Maui, Lahaina

Some great catches this week on Sea Wife II out of Kona (March 14th)


A nice 393 Blue was just caught off the coast of Maui with our friends at Start Me Up. The Big Blues are starting to come back! (March 13th)

Start Me up, Sport Fishing, Maui

Check out this lovely Blue Marlin that Captain Guy just caught on High Flier (March 10)

Another  great catch yesterday on Oahu. Most boats were bringing in Mahi Mahi and small tuna (March 9 )

Lad Shunneson has fished the world over trying to catch all 9 of the Billfish.
The only one left was the short nose spearfish, caught with our friends on Illusions (Mar 4th)

Illusions Sport Fishing, Billfish

Great catch for our guests on Mazel Tov today in Oahu (Mar 1st)

Oahu Sport Fishing Charters


Another nice Spearfish caught yesterday in Maui (Feb 27)

Great Wahoo caught on Hinatea, Lahaina, Maui yesterday (Feb 26th)

Hinatea, Wahoo Fish, Maui, Hawaii


Perfect weather in Maui yesterday with our friends on StartMeUP in Maui (Feb 24)

Check out this big catch on The West Side of Oahu (Feb 20)

Our guests with an early morning bite today on Mazel Tov (Feb 19th)

Fishing boat charters Waikiki


Great catch on Hinatea, out of Lahaina, Maui, including this 68 lb Ono (Feb 17th)

Hinatea Sport Fishing, Maui, Hawaii


Nice Mahi Mahi caught in Kona on Kila Kila this weekend. (Feb 16th)

Kila Kila , Kona,  Sport fishing

Another great day fishing on Kona (Feb 12)

Diner for everyone! Captain Tony on Boom Boom comes through again (Feb 10)

Another nice catch of Mahi Mahi yesterday in Oahu (Feb 9)

One of our younger guests reeled in one early this morning on Mazel Tov! (Feb 6th)

Another great Catch on Mazel Tov ! (Feb 3rd)

Sport Fishing Oahu Hawaii

Our friends on The "Cuz" caught some great fish bottomfishing and a few nice big fish later when trolling (Feb 2, 2015)

Two 160 lb Ahi and a Spearfish were caught yesterday on Mazel Tov - Our guests had a great day ! (Jan 31st, 2015)

Ahi, Spearfish, Mazel Tov, Sport Fishing, Oahu, Hawaii

Mazel Tov, Spearfish, Oahu Sport Fishing


Great catch for this family on Sea Wide II out of Kona (Jan 28th) 


Our friends at Reel Intense had a good day yesterday (Jan 23 )


Striped Marlins are a great fish to catch, caught in Oahu (January 19)


Checkout this lovely Spearfish caught yesterday in Maui (January 13)


Boom Boom and Captain Tony took our guests and got them a Striped Marlin (Jan 12)


Marlin Magic II landed this beauty the other day. Another beautiful Marlin caught and released (Jan 9, 2015)



Captain Russell and Magic got our aussie friends lots of KawaKawa (Jan 6, 2015)



Check out the first Big Blue Marlin caught in Maui this year (Jan 6, 2015)


Christmas Mahi Mahi, the boys on Nemesis in Kauai landed this big one (Dec 22)

Captain Sean from The Reel Hooker landed this nice "Spear" in Maui (Dec 18)


Tracey and his boat "Last Chance" brought in this great Ahi in Kona (Dec 14)



A nice Big Blue released the other day on Maui ( Dec 13)



Yet another Marlin caught in Kona about Seawife yesterday (Dec 10)



Another nice 195 Marlin caught in Oahu (Dec 9)




These lucky anglers caught a load of fish on Whipsaw the other day ( Dec 5)



Family fun on LuckeyStrike over the Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 29)



Look what these kids did the other day in Maui (Nov 26)


Our friends over at Last Chance In Kona are having a great November

Check out this big "Blue" they just caught. (Nov 16)



A couple on their honeymoon had an amazing day on Hinatea yesterday (Nov 12)



The boys on Hinatea just got a few good Ono (November 5)




The gang at Finest Kind took second in the Halloween Shootout with this nice 155 Marlin (Nov 1)



Our friends at Luckey Strike brought in a few big Mahi Mahi (Oct 28)


Check out this lovely Marlin caught the other day on Whipsaw in Oahu (Oct 24)


Our Guests on Mazel Tov caught this great 220 lb Blue Marlin on Friday Oct 17th. A great day fishing on the Oahu waters.

Our friends on "Sea Wife" got some dinner for the entire family (Oct 12)



The "Piper" just caught a big 484 in Maui (Oct 5)


the boys at Start Me Up just got a 411 Blue (October 2)


Hintatea is out of dry dock and just got a nice 279 Blue (October 1)


Mazel Tov with 3 Big Yellowfin Tuna (Sept 24)



Big Mahi Mahi catch yesterday on Start Me up (Sept 15)


Ono (Wahoo) is served for dinner (Sept 9) Start Me UP Maui


Another happy angler catching Mahi Mahi on Oahu (Sept 3)

Now that's a lot of Mahi Mahi (Hinatea Aug 31)


Don and the team at Whipsaw get some Mahi Mahi for dinner


A beauty caught by Captain Chris on Hinatea (Aug 26)


The boys at Finest Kind did well (Aug 24)



A little catch of MahiMahi off Oahu (Aug 22)


Hinatea released at 475 Big Blue yesterday (Aug 13)


Mazel Tov catches  Mahi Mahi  (Aug 12)


Finest Kind just got a big catch of Mahi Mahi (Aug 8)


Marlin Magic 2 just landed a nice big Blue


Great Day on Hinatea in Maui today (Aug 7)


Captain Tracey and his boat Last Chance just got a good days AHI (Aug 4th)

Nice Catch from our friends on Start Me UP today (August 4th)



Check out this big AHI caught August 2nd on Nasty Habit


High Flier Gets a nice Blue 665 on July 31


Kila Kila ( 447 lbs Blue from The Huggos Wahine a Tournament July 26)


July 28th, Boom Boom just caught a couple nice fish (a 250lbs Blue and a 174lb Ahi)



July 7th Big Ono Caught on Sea Wife



July 4th "The Huntress wins the Blue Marlin World Cup" with this "BIG BLUE"


June 20th another huge Ahi Tuna caught on the Mazel Tov


June 18th huge Ahi Tuna caught on the Boom Boom


 June 15th on Boom Boom father and son catch TWO Blue Marlins, both over 200lbs


June 9th on Marlin Magic II (11 year old catches a BLUE!!)


June 9th On Happy Times (275lbs Blue)



June 4th On Nemesis (200 lbs Yellowtail)



 May 18, 2014  (412.6 lbs Blue Marlin caught on Hinatea in Maui)





 May 19, 2014  Kauai (Happy Times