Fish just caught in Hawaii

More Recent Just Caught

Pursuit in Kona (July 27)

Pursuit, Kona

Pursuit , kona, fishing

Start Me Up in Maui (July 26)

Start Me up

Mahea B in Ko Olina Oahu (July 25)

Mahea B , Ko olina fishing

Mahea B with a nice Haul in Ko Olina (July 22nd)

Mahea B

Catches on Marlin Magic in Kona (July 21)

Marlin Magic, Kona

Marlin Magic

Today's catch on Playnhooky in Oahu (July 20)

Playnhooky, oahu sportfishing

Marlin on Sea wife II in Kona (July 19)

sea wife, kona

Nice Marlin caught on Mazel Tov in Oahu (July 18)

Mazel tov fishing

Great looking Ono caught on Illusions in Kona (July 17th)

Ono on illusions, kona

Monster Yellowfin Tuna caught on Sea Wife II in Kona (July 15)

Sea wife, kona, fishing

Start Me Up in Lahaina (July 14)

Start Me up fishing

Wild Bunch In Oahu (July 13)

Wild Bunch , sportfishing


Michael caught his first yellowfin on Playnhooky (July 12)

Playnhooky, Oahu, fishing

Marlin Magic in Kona (July 11)

Marlin Magic

Wild Bunch with a nice Marlin (July 10)

Wild Bunch, Marlin

Pursuit in Kona in action (July 8)


Blue Marlin, 200 lbs Ahi and a 60 lbs Ono on Nemesis (July 7)

Nemesis, Kauai fishing

Luckey Strike in Maui with some recent catches (July 6th)

Luckey Strike, Maui, Fishing

Start Me Up in Lahaina (July 5)

Start Me Up Sport fishing

Mazel Tov with a nice Ahi (July 4)

Mazel tov

Wild Bunch in action and some happy young anglers (July 1)

Wild Bunch

Wild bunch in Oahu (June 30)

Wild Bunch

Magic with catches over the last few days (June 29)

Magic Sport fishing

Humdinger with a nice ahi (June 28)

Humdinger, Kona, Fishing

Hinatea in Maui with a nice catch today (June 27)

Hinatea, lahaina, maui

Nasty Habit in Kona (June 26th)

Nasty Habit, Kona fishing

Sea Wife with a nice Wahoo (June 25)


Action shots of Pursuit in Kona (June 24)

Pursuit, Kona fishing

Humdinger with a nice 310 lb Black Marlin in Kona (June 23)

Humdinger, Kona sportfishing

Pursuit in Kona (June 22)

Pursuit, Kona fishing

Strikeology in Oahu, with Shibi and Aku  (June 21)


Wild Bunch out of Kawalo Basin, Honolulu (June 20)

Wild Bunnch, Oahu fish

Wild Bunch, Sport fishing

Sea Wife II in Kona (June 19)

Sea Wife II

Marlin Magic in Action in Kona (June 18)

Marlin Magic, Kona

Catches this week on Nemesis in Kauai (June 17)

Nemesis sportfishing, Kaui

Nasty Habit in Kona with a nice Ahi (June 16)

Nasty Habit, Ahi, Kona

Blue Marlin Catch & Release on Pursuit this morning in Kona (June 15)

Pursuit, catch and release, kona

Great day out for Strikeolgy in Waikiki (June 14)

Strikeology, Tuna , Fishing

Wild Bunch with this catch yesterday in Oahu (June 13)

Wild Bunch

PlaynHooky in Honolulu with a Blue Marlin (June 10)

Blue Marlin, Oahu sportfshing

Recent Catches on Sea Wife II in Kona (June 9)

Sea Wife II

Wild Bunch with a Mahi Mahi (June 7)

Wild Bunch, Mahi Mahi, Dorado

467 lb Blue Marlin caught on Wildbunch (June 6)

Blue Marlin, Wildbunch , fishing

Young angler with catches on Start Me Up in Maui (June 5)

Start me up, maui sportfishing

Luckey Strike with some recent catches in Lahaina, Maui (June 4)

luckey strike, Maui fishing

Mahea B in Ko Olina, Oahu with a monster Blue (June 3)

Mahea B, Koolina, Oahu, Fishing

Start Me Up's Action boat with a nice size YellowFin Tuna in Maui (June 3)

Start Me Up

Andrew Fitzsimons kindly sent us in pictures from his day out on Wildbunch last week (June 2)

Wildbunch, Oahu

Nice catches on Wildbunch (June 1)

WildBubch, Oahu Fishing

High Flier in Kona with a small Blue (May 31)

High Flier

Nemesis in Kauai with a Spearfish (May 30)

Nemesis, Kauai, Sportfishing

Marlin Magic in Kona (May 29)

Marlin Magic, Kona, Hawaii fishing

Illusions in Kona bringing in a Blue (May 28)

Illusions, Kona, fishing

Action in Maui with a 631 lbs Blue Marlin (May 27)

Blue Marlin, Action, Maui

Start Me Up with a happy young angler (May 26)

Start me up , sportfishing

Luckey Strike in Lahaina Maui (May 25)

Luckey Strike catch, Maui

Mazel Tov with a nice catch at the weekend (May 24)

Mazel Tov, Oahu, sportfishing

Start Me Up with a 557 lbs Blue Marlin in Maui (May 23rd)

Blue Marlin, Maui

Nice catch on PlaynHooky in Oahu (May 22nd)

Playnhooky , Oahu fishing

A Short billed spearfish caught on Mazel Tov in Oahu (May 21st)

Mazel tov, Short billed spearfish , oahu

Not a catch, but a visit from a friendly whale shark to Mazel Tov (May 19th)

Whale Shark, Mazel Tov

Magic Sportfishing with a 128 lbs yellow fin (May 17th)

Magic sport fishing, Ahi

Stikeology with catches over the weekend (May 15th)

Strikeology, Oahu

 Sea Wife II in Kona (May 13th)

Sea Wife , Kona, Fishing

Start Me Up's boat Action in Lahaina Maui (May 11th)

Action, Start Me Up , Maui, Fishing

Sea Wife II in Kona (May 10th)

Sea Wife II, Tuna

Some recent catches on Luckey Strike in Maui (May 9th)

Luckey Strike, Maui fishing

194 lbs Blue Marlin caught on Wild Bunch yesterday (May 7th)

Wild bunch, blue Marlin, hawaii

Recent catches this week on Strikeolgy in Waikikiki (May 6th)

Strikeology, Waikiki fishing

Sea Wife II on Kona (May 5th)

Sea Wife, Kona, Sportfishing

Humdinger in Kona with a nice spearfish (May 4th)

Humdinger , Kona fishing

More from Sea Wife II in Kona (May 3)

Sea wife, fishing Kona

Yesterdays trip on Sea Wife II in Kona (May 2)

Sea Wife 2, Kona fishing

Start Me Up in Maui (May 1)

Start Me Up

Marlin Magic in Kona (Apr 30)

Marlin Magic , kona

Marlin Magic in Kona (Apr 29)

Marlin Magic, sportfishing

A good day fishing on Wild Bunch yesterday (Apr 28)

Wildbunch, Oahu, fishing

Today's catch on Pursuit in Kona today (Apr 27)

Pursuit, Kona, Sport fishing

Sea Wife in Kona (Apr 26)


Sea Wife, Kona

PlaynHooky with a nice Spearfish (Apr 25)

Playnhooky, spearfish, oahu

PlaynHooky with some nice Mahi Mahi (Apr 24)

Playnhooky, Mahi Mahi

Start Me Up in Maui with a great day on the water in Maui (Apr 23)

Start Me up

Wild Bunch in Oahu with a nice catch (Apr 22)

Wild Bunch , oahu fishig

Strikeology with another nice charter out of Ala Wai Harbor (Apr 20)

Ala Wai Harbor, fishing, oahu, Hawaii

Strikeology with a nice haul yesterday (Apr 19)

Strikeolgy , Ala wai boat harbor

Wild Bunch early morning catch (Apr 18)

Wild Bubch, oahu, sport fishing

Sea Wife with some more happy anglers (Apr 17)

Sea Wife
Sea wife, kona fishing

Start Me Up with some colorful Mahi Mahai (April 17)

Start Me Up, Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi, Hawaii fishing

Strikeology in Oahuwith lots of Mahi Mahi (April 16)

Strikeolgy, Oahu, fishing

Sea Wife with a great success on this charter (April 15th)

Sea Wife

Another Wahoo caught on Start Me Up (April 14)

Wahoo, Start me up, Maui fishing

Marlin Magic on in Kona caught 2 blues and a Stripey (April 13)

Marlin Magic, Kona, sportfishing


Marlin Magic, fishing

Marlin Magic 2, Kona

Nice Wahoo caught on Start Me Up in Maui (April 12)

Start Me up, Lahaina fishing

Wild Bunch in Kewalo Basin, Oahu (Apr 11)

Wild bunch

Our guests had an awesome day on Mele Kai in Kauai (Apr 7)

Mele Kai, Kaui, Sport fishing

Recent catch on Nemesis in Port Allen, Kauai (Apr 6)

Nemesis, Port Allen, Kaui, Sportfishing

Nemesis also released a 150lb. blue along with 1 Spearfish, 1 Mahi and lost an Ono at the boat (Apr 5)

Nemesis, Catch & release

Wild Bunch with a nice Ono (Apr 4)

Wild Bunch, Ono, Hawaii fishing

Sea Wife in Kona with a nice Spearfish (Apr 2)

Spearfish , Kona fishing

Wild Bunch again a nice catch in Kewalo Basin Harbor, Oahu (Apr 1)

Wild Bunch, Oahu, sport fishing

Sea Wife with a nice catch (Apr 1)

Sea wife fishing

The biggest Blue Marlin this year in the Lahaina Harbor on Start Me Up.
Their fish weighed in at 661.5lbs (Mar 31)

Start Me up, Blue Marlin, maui

Wild Bunch with a nice catch for this young man in Oahu (Mar 31)

Wild Bunch, Oahu, sport fishing

Strikeology with another huge haul with our guests aboard (Mar 30)

Strikeology, Oahu

Recent catches on Wild Bunch (Mar 29)

Wild Bunch, Oahu

Sea Wife II in Kona (Mar 28)

Sea Wife 2, Kona

Hinatea in Maui with some Happy Anglers (Mar 27)

Hinatea, maui, fishing

Start Me up in Maui with a nice Wahoo yesterday (Mar 26)

Start Me up, Maui, fishing

Wild Bunch with some more Happy anglers in Oahu (Mar 25)

Wild bunch, oahu

Strikeology with 2 days in a row of great catches (Mar 24)

Strikeology, Oahu sport fishing

Marlin & Mahi Mahi for this full day charter on Sea Wife II in Kona (Mar 24)

Sea Wife II, Marlin & Mahi Mahi

Wild Bunch with some nice Mahi Mahi in Oahu (March 23)

Wild Bunch, Oahu, Sport fishing, Mahi


Mahi Mahi for this young angler in Kona on Sea Wife II (Mar 22)

Sea Wife , Kona fishing

Nice 100 lbs Stripped Marlin on Marlin Magic in Kona (Mar 21) 

Marlin Magic, Stripped Marlin, Kona

Sea Wife II in Kona with a Nice Mahi Mahi (Mar 20)

Sea Wife II, Mahi Mahi

Our Guests the Dixon's caught 3 Mahi & 1 Ono on Excellence in Maui (Mar 19)

Excellence, Maui, Sport, Fishing

Mazel Tov in Oahu with a nice catch (Mar 18)

Island Charters, Mazel Tov, Oahu, Fishing

Not a catch, but this friendly Whale shark was putting on a show on Start Me Up in Maui (Mar 17)

Whale Shark, Maui

Our guests on Playnhooky with a 823 lbs Marlin in Oahu yesterday (Mar 16)


Our Guests on Mahea B in KoOlina Oahu (Mar 15)

Mahea B, Ko Olina, fishing, Oahu

Sea Wife II in Kona (Mar 12)

Sea wife

Sea Wife II in Kona (Mar 11)

Sea wife

Start Me Up in Maui with Mahi Mahi & Ono today (Mar 10)

Maui, Mahi Mahi, Ono, fish

Strikeology in Oahu with a beauty! (Mar 9)

Oahu, fishing, Charters

Luckey Strike in Lahaina, Maui (Mar 8)

Luckey Strike, Lahaina, Maui

Strikology with some Ahi in Oahu! (Mar 7)

Oahu fishing

Luckey Strike in Lahaina, Maui (Mar 6)

Luckey Strike, Maui, charters

Magic in Oahu with a Blue Marlin & Striped Marlin (Mar 5)

Magic, Oahu, Sportfishing

Start Me Up in Lahaina with some lovely Mahi (Mar 4)

Start me up , maui fishing

Maui sporfishing

Strikeology in Oahu yesterday (Mar 3)


Sea Wife II in Kona with a Stripped Marlin (Mar 2)

Sea Wife, kona, Stripped Marlin

Strikeolgy in Oahu with a very impressive haul (Mar 1)


Sea Wife II in Kona (Feb 28)

Sea Wife, kona fishing

Catch and release on start me up in Maui (Feb 27)

start me up, maui fishing

Our awesome guest Marleena caught a Marlin on Strikeology yesterday (Feb 26) 

Strikeolgy, Oauh, fishing , charters

Spearfish caught PlaynHooky yesterday with our guests the Thongllt's & friends (Feb 25)

Playnhooky, Oahu fishing charters

The Hurley's on PlaynHooky yesterday, the Stripped Marlin was released ! (Feb 24)

Playnhooky, fishing charter, Oahu, Marlin

Start Me up with some Mahi Mahi today (Feb 23rd)

Start me up

Luckey Strike with some great catches over the weekend in Maui (Feb 22nd)

Luckey Strike, Lahaina fishing

Luckey strike , Maui sportfishing

Luckey Strike , Maui

Luckey Strike with a nice catch in Lahaina Maui (Feb 19)

Luckey Strike, maui fishing

The Rauscher family on a half-day charter aboard the Play n Hooky in Oahu (Feb 18)

PlaynHooky, Mahi Mahi

Recent Catches on Sea Wife II this week in Kona (Feb 17)

Sea Wife two

Two Stripped Marlin Caught on Magic in Oahu (Feb 16)

Magic, Sport, Fishing, Oahu

Action in Maui with some nice fish (Feb 15)

Action, Maui Fishing

Each member of this family caught a fish on Start Me Up in Maui (Feb 14)

Start me up, fishing

Another great day fishing on Strikeology for these young men (Feb 13)

Strikeolgy, Oahu sport fishing

Yesterday's catch on Strikeology in Oahu (Feb 12)

Strikezone, oahu fishing

Yesterday's dinner on Sea Wife in Kona (Feb 10th)

Sea Wife Charters, Kona, Sportfishing

Mazel Tov in Oahu doing the business again (Feb 9th)

Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov with a nice haul (Feb 8th)

Mazel tov, Oahu, Fishing

Start me up with another impressive haul in Lahaina, Maui (Feb 7)

Start Me up, Maui, Fishing charters

Our guest Jamie Higson from New Zealand aboard Wildbunch! (Feb 6)

Wild Bunch, oahu sport fishing

Our Guests on PlaynHooky with 3 stripped Marlin, yesterday in Oahu (Feb 5)

Paynhooky, stripped Marlin, Oahu, Sportfishing

Some recent catches on Reel Intense in Oahu (Feb 5)

Reel Intense, Oahu, Fishing, Sportfishing

Nice Ono caught on Sea Wife in Kona (Feb 4)

Sea Wife charters , Kona, fishing

Our guest this morning on Mazel Tov with a nice Mahi Mahi (Feb 3rd)

Mazel Tov, Mahi Mahi, Oahu, Sportfishing

Nice looking Spear fish in Maui, from Start Me Up (Feb 2nd)

Start Me up, Maui sport fishing

Great catch on Mazel Tov this morning (Feb 1st)

Mazel tov, Oahu Fishing

Sea Wife with a nice catch in Kona (Jan 31)

Sea Wife Charters, Kona

The Spearfish are here, some catches on Start Me up in Maui (Jan 30)

Start me up, Maui fishing

Nice Mahi Mahi for our young guests onbaord Mazel Tov in Oahu this morning (Jan 29)

Mahi, Mazel Tov, Island charters, Oahu , fishing

Magic in Oahu with a fantastic day on the water (Jan 28)

Magic Sportfishing, Oahu, Hawaii

PlaynHooky with our guests and a nice Stripped Marlin yesterday (Jan 27)

Playnhooky, Stripped Marlin, Oahu fishing, Hawaii

Nice Snapper caught on Luckey Strike in Lahaina Maui, (Jan 26)

Snapper, Luckey Strike, Mai, Fishing

Stripped Marllin caught on Mazel Tov on Oahu over the weekend (Jan 25)

Stripped Marlin, Oahu


High Flier with a Stripped Marlin in Kona ( Jan 24)

High Flier, Stripped Marlin

High Flier with a nice Yellowfin in Kona (Jan 22)

High Flier, Yellowfin

Some of this weeks catches on Magic in Oahu (Jan 21)

Magic Sport fishing, Oahu

Mazel Tov with our customer Fred and his first ever Billfish (Jan 20)

Billfish, Mazel Tove, Island charters, Oahu , fishing

 Strikeology with a nice haul in Oahu (Jan 20)

Strikeology, oahu sportfishing

Nice looking Mahi Mahi caught on Mazel Tov this morning in Oahu (Jan 19)

Mazel Tov, Island Charters, Oahu fishing

High Flier with some great catches in Kona (Jan 19)

High Flier, Kona Sportfishing

Mazel Tov In Oahu with a nice stripped Marlin this morning (Jan 18)

Mazel Tov, Oahu Sporfishing

Strikeology in Oahu with Mahi Mahi and some Yelowfin (Jan 17)

Strikeology, Oahu fishing, Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin

PlaynHooky with some three nice Ono (Jan 16)

Playnhooky, Ono, Oahu fishing

Hinatea with a great Ono in Maui (Jan 16)

Hinatea, Maui Fishing, Ono

High Flier with a 350 lbs Striped Marlin catch & release today in Kona (Jan 15)

High Flier, Striped Marlin, catch & Release, Kona , FIshing

Strikeolgy with a couple of nice Ahi yesterday off the coast of Oahu (Jan 14)

Strikeolgy, Oahu fishing

Our guest had a great day on PlayNHooky a few days ago in Oahu (Jan 13)

PlaynHooky, Oahu sportfishing

Marlin Magic II in Kona this week (Jan 12)

Marlin Magic II

Strikeology out of Ala wai Harbor Waikiki, Oahu (Jan 11)

Strikeology, Waikiki, Fishing, Ala Wai Harbor


Sea Wife II in Kona with a catch & release Marlin (Jan 10)

Sea wife II, Catch and Release

Start Me up with a Nice Mahi Yesterday (Jan 9)

Stat me up fishing

The Action of Start Me up with a great haul Yesterday (Jan 8)

Action, Start Me up, Maui Fishing

Great charter yesterday on Mazel Tov - Mahi Mahi & Blue Marlin (Jan 7)

Mazel Tov, Isl;and Charters, Oahu sportfishing

Piper Sport Fishing in Maui with a nice breakfast catch (Jan 6)

Piper Sport Fishing, Maui

Strikeology in Oahu catching the Blue Marlins (Jan 5)

Strikeology, fishing Oahu

PlaynHooky in Oahu (Jan 4th)

PlaynHooky, Oahu SPort fishing


Hinatea in Maui, with our Happy Guests aboard (Jan 3rd)

Hinatea, Maui, Sport fishing

Illusions with our guest caught this beauty in Kona (Jan 2nd)

Illusions, sport fishing, Kona

Nice Mahi Mahi New Years day catch (Jan 1)

Mahi Mahi, Hawaii Fishing

Striped Marlin on Marlin Magic in Kona today (Dec 31)

Stripped Marlin, Marlin Magic, Kona

Strikeology with a Blue Marlin (Dec 30)

Strikeology, Blue Marlin

Strikeology with a nice Ono (Dec 29)

Strikeolgy, Ono

Strikeology with some Mahi Mahi (Dec 28)

Strikeolgy, Mahi Mahi

Great boxing day catch on Reel Intense today in Oahu ! (Dec 26)

Reel Intense


Playnhooky with a Christmas day 40 lbs Mahi Mahi (Dec 25th)

Planhooky, oahu

Someones having Mahi Mahi tacos for Christmas Dinner - Sea Wife yesterday in Kona (Dec 24)

sea wife, kona fishing

Start Me Up in Lahaina with lot of Mahi Mahi on the Action boat (Dec 23rd)

Start Me Up, Mahi Mahi

Nemesis caught 8 Mahi Mahi, Ukus, Omilus's on this Napali trip in Kauai  (Dec 22)

Nemesis, Kauai

 Nice Yellowfin caught on Strikeology  in Waikiki (Dec 21)

Strikeology, Ala Wai, Oahu, Fishing

Sea Wife with another nice haul  (Dec 19th)

Sea Wife II

 Luckey Strike out of Lahaina ,Maui (Dec 17)

Luckey Strike, Lahaina Maui, sport fishing

Start Me Up in Lahaina with a 198 lb Blue Marlin (Dec 16)

Start me up, sport fishing, maui

Marlin Magic in Action (Dec 15)

Marlin Magic

Luckey Strike with a nice Mahi Mahi catch (Dec 14)

Luckey Strike, Maui

Two Marlins caught on Strikeology in Oahu Yesterday (Dec 12)

Strikology, Ala Wai Harbor, Oahu , Fishing

Spearfish caught on Sea Wife II today in Kona(Dec 10)

Sea Wife Charters, Kona, Big Island

Biggest Mahi caught in Maui this year (46 lbs) on Start Me Up Yesterday (Dec 9)

Start Me up, sport fishing, Maui

More catches this week from Boom Boom II, on Oahu (Dec 6)

Boom Boom Sport fishing


Boom Boom , Hawaii deep sea fishing


Sea Wife Charters in Kona with some nice Ono catches (Dec 5)

Sea Wife Charters, Kona , Hawaii, Fishing

Two Fathers & 2 Daughters on a nice charter on Start Me Up in Maui (Dec 4)

Start Me Up, Sport Fishing, Maui

PlayNHooky with a great catch (Dec 3)

Playnhooky, Sport Fishing, Oahu

 Boom Boom II with a nice haul of yellow fin (Dec 2)

Boom Boom 2, sportfishing, Oahu, Ko olina

 Hinatea in Maui with a nice haul (Dec 1)

Hinatea, Maui Sport, Fishing

Strikeology with a 300 lbs Marlin on the 11 am - 5 pm charter (Nov 29)

Strikeolgy, sport fishing, Hawaii

Nice Catch for our customers on Wild Bunch (Nov 28)

Wild Bunch. Oahu, fishing

Just caught on Mazel Tov this morning in Oahu (Nov 27)

Mazel Tov, Sport fishing

Mazel Tov with a nice catch yesterday in Oahu (Nov 26)

Mazel Tov, Island Charter, Oahu, sport fishing

Magic on Oahu with a nice haul of Tuna (Nov 25)

Magic fishing Oahu

 Start Me Up in Lahaina, Maui with some happy anglers (Nov 24)

Start Me up , Maui,. Fishing

Magic on Oahu with a nice stripped Marlin (Nov 23)

Magic Sportfishing

Mazel Tov in Oahu with 3 Marlin today !! (Nov 22)

Island Charters,Mazel Tov, Sport fishing

Strikeolgy doing the business out of Ala Way Harbor in Waikiki (Nov 20th)

Oahu Sport fishing, Hawaii

Strikeolgy with some nice catches for this family (Nov 19th)

Strikeolgy, oahu fishing

Mahi Mahi & Grey Snapper on Start Me up in Maui (Nov 18)

Start me up

Mahea B with a great Haul out of Ko Olina, West Oahu (Nov 17)

Mahea B, Ko Olina Fishing

 Last chance Sport fishing in Kona (Nov 15)

Last Chance, sport fishing

Marlin Magic with a great action shot in Kona (Nov 14)

Marlin Magic, fishing , Kona

Tag & release for Start Me up in Maui (Nov 13)

Tag and release, Start me up, Maui

Boom Boom II on the West coast of Oahu (Nov 12)

Boom Boom Sport fishing

58 lbs Ulua and a couple of Mahi Mahi on Start Me Up today (Nov 10)

Start me up

Nice Mahi Mahi caught on Sea Wife in Kona (Nov 8)

Sea Wife, Kona, Private Fishing Charters

Magic on Oahu with two Blue Marlin - 420 &125 lbs, 2 Ahi - 165 & 124 lbs,  (Nov 7)

Magic Sport fishing, Oahu

Start Me up with a catch from Yesterday and a 279 lbs Blue from last week (Nov 6th)

Start me up , Lahaina

Start Me Up, Maui

Two Blue Marlin were caught on yesterdays charter on Mazel Tov  (Nov 4)

Mazel Tov, Island Charters

Magic in Oahu with 105 lb Striped Marlin (Nov 3)

Magic, Striped Marlin

Another guest catches a Marlin off Oahu on Whipsaw (Nov 2)

Great catch on Mazel Tov in Oahu today (Nov 1)

Mazel Tov, Oahu fishing

Nice 360 lbs Marlin caught on Luckey Strike II in Lahaina, Maui (Oct 31)

Luckey Strike, Maui fishing

Boom Boom II on the west coast of Oahu with recent catches (Oct 30)

Boom Boom 2, Oahu, fishing

Oahu sportfishingBoom, Hawaii fishing

Magic in Oahu with a 168 lbs Ahi Tuna (Oct 29)

Magic Sport fishing, Oahu

Marlin Magic with a nice Blue in Kona (Oct 28)

Marlin Magic, Kona, Fishing

With 14 Mahi Mahi & a 210lb marlin there was plenty of fish for everyone on board Start Me Up, Maui (Oct 27)

Start Me Up , Maui

Strikeology with some grate catches in Oahu this week (Oct 25th & 26th)

Oahu Sport Fishing

Happy Guests on Nemesis yesterday in Kauai (Oct 24)

Nemesis Sport fishing, Kauai

Kauai Fishing

Great Haul on the afternoon 4 hr shared trip yesterday on Sea Wife II (Oct 23)

Sea Wife fishing Charters

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