Fish Just Caught in Hawaii 2019

Playnhooky in Oahu (Nov 18th)

Playnhooky, sportfishing, oahu

Nemesis in Kauai (Nov 17th)

Nemesis, Kauai fishing

Whipsaw in Honolulu (Nov 16th)


Playnhooky in Oahu (Nov 14th)

Playnhooky, oahu sport fishing

Marlin Magic in Kona  (Nov 13th)

Marlin Magic, kona

Playnhooky in Oahu (Nov 11th)

Playnhooky, hawaii fishing

Piper in Maui (Nov 9th)

Piper sportfishing, Maui

Magic in Oahu (Nov 8th)

Magic, Oahu

Marlin Magic on Kona (Nov 7th)

Marlin Magic, ahi

Playnhooky in Oahu (Nov 6th)

 Playnhooky, oahu

Magic Oahu (Nov 5th)


Playnhooky in Oahu (Nov 4th)

Playnhooky, Oahu

Marlin Magic in Kona (Nov 2nd)

Marlin Magic, kona fishing

Magic Sport fishing in Oahu (Nov 1st)

Magic, Marlin, oahu, fishing

Wild Bunch on Honolulu (Oct 31st)

Wild Bunch

Our awesome guest Felicia was out catching again on Wild Bunch this time (Oct 30th)

Wild Bunch, OahuWild BunchWild Bunch, Oahu, fishing

Caught by Felicia on Ruckus in Oahu (Oct 28th)

Ruckus, Oahu

Catch & Release on Playnhooky in Oahu (Oct 27th)


Grand Slam, North Shore Oahu (Oct 23rd)

Grand slam, oahu fishing

Finest Kind in Maui Oct (22nd)

Finest kind charters, lahaina, Maui

Ruckus in Oahu (Oct 21st)

Ruckus, five start sport fishing

Sea Wife in Kona (Oct 20th)

Sea Wife in Kona

Magic in Oahu (Oct 19th)

Magic sportfishing, oahu

Start Me Up in Maui with a very large Amber jack (Oct 18th)

Start Me up, Amberjack

Nemesis in Kauai (Oct 17th)

Nemesis , kauai, sport, fishing

Start Me Up in Maui (Oct 16th)

Start Me up, Maui fishing

Wild Bunch in Oahu (Oct 15th)

Wild Bunch, Oahu

Magic Sport fishing in Oahu with a huge catch (Oct 12th)


Whipsaw in Oahu (Oct 11th)


Wild Bunch in Oahu (Oct 10th)

Wild Bunch, Marlin, Oahu

Marlin Magic in Kona (Oct 9th)

Marlin magic, Kona

Wild Bunch in Oahu (Oct 8th)

Wild bunch

Whipsaw in Oahu (Oct 6th)


Playnhooky in Oahu (Oct 4th)

Playnhoky, oahu fishing

Great day on Nasty Habit in Kona (Oct 3rd)

Nasty habit, Kona, fishing

Ono caught on Wild Bunch in Oahu (Oct 2nd)

Wild Bunch, Ono, Oahu, fishing

Wild Bunch in Oahu (Sept 30th)

WIld Bunch, Oahu

Magic in Oahu with a beauty (Sept 29th)

Mahig Sportfishing, Oahu, Mahi Mahi

Catch & Release on Playnhooky (Sept 28th)

Playnhooky, catch and release, oahu

Mahi Mahi Galore on Grand Slam in Haleiwa, Oahu (Sept 27th)

Mahi Mahi, Grand Slam, Oahu fishing

Marlin Magic II in Kona (Sept 26th)

Marlin Magic, Kona fishing

Piper Sportfishing in Kihei, Maui (Sept 25th)

Piper sportfishing, maui

Magic in Honolulu (Sept 24th)

Magic, sport fishing, Oahu

Whipsaw in Oahu (Sept 23rd)


Playnhooky in Honolulu (Sept 22nd)

playnhooky, oahu

Wild Bunch in Honolulu (Sept 20th)

Wild bunch, hawaii deep sea fishing

Wild Bunch in Honolulu (Sept 19th)

WIld Bunch , Oahu fishing

Marlin Magic in Kona (Sept 18th)

Marlin Magic, Kona fishing

Whipsaw with 3 catch & releases (Sept 17th)

Whipsaw, oahu

Magic in Oahu (Sept 16th)

Magic, blue marlin

Last Chance in Kona with 3 Blues (Sept 15th)

last chance, kona fishing

Nemesis in Kauai (Sept 14th)

Nemesis, Kauai

Marlin Magic II in Kona (Sept 13th)

Marlin Magic

Sea Wife II in Kona (Sept 12th)

Sea Wife , kona

Magic in Honolulu (Sept 11th)

Magic sportfishing, oahu

Start Me Up in Maui (Sept 10th)

start me up, maui fishing, Mahi mahi

Wild Bunch with Mahi Mahi in Honolulu (Sept 9th)

Wild Bunch, Oahu

Wild Bunch with Mahi Mahi in Honolulu (Sept 8th)

wild bunch, mahi mahi, oahu, fishing

Magic in Oahu (Sept 6th)

Magic, Oahu, Marling, ahi

Playnhooky in Honolulu (Sept 5th)

Playnhooky, Oahu, Marlin

Last Chance in Kona (Sept 4th)

Last chance, kona fishing

Start Me Up in Maui with a Barracuda *unusual in Hawaii (Sept 3rd)

Start Me Up Sportfishing, Barracuda , Maui

Playnhooky in Oahu (Sept 2nd)

Playnhooky, skipjack, hawaii, fishing

Nemesis in Kauai (Sept 1st)

Nemesis, Kauai, fishing

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