Captain Steve Epstein


Captain Steve Epstein grew up Surfing, Sailing and Fishing in Southern California.

After graduating from San Diego State University, He spent several years working at Kettenburg Marine, repairing and rebuilding Yachts before heading off to French Polynesia aboard his own 36′ Sloop for 1 year; Finally landing in Kona to settle down with his family.

Steve went on to work as a Commercial Fisherman aboard a 650 ton Tuna Seiner; from Mexico to Panama, he set his own permanent path of charter fishing.

In 1980 he met up with Marlin Parker on the “Islander” Steve and Marlin with the help of their new owner, purchased the “Marlin Magic” on which they won countless tournaments and caught the famous 1400 lb Blue Marlin in 1990.

Travelling the world in search of the largest Marlin lead Steve to the great Barrier Reef in Australia for 3 seasons and as far away as Madeira.


Captain Steve, known by  "Stympie" by his mates has been fishing the Kona waters for 40 years and knows the places where the newbies would never go!  He knows "The Grounds" like the palm of his hand. His fishing legacy is now being passed to down to his son. (Captain Tracy is at the helm of Last Chance)

A day out on the water with this fishing legend and on "The Huntress" is the reason people come to fish Kona. "Its the best of the best"