Captain Jeff Kahl


Captain Jeff Kahl has logged over 6000 days on the oceans in search of giant gamefish. Being born and raised in Maryland spawned his incredible passion and curiosity for the sea.

Spending as much time as he could in or on the Atlantic motivated Jeff to explore other oceans. At the ripe old age of 18 Jeff moved to Maui with his surfboard and tackle box and soon found himself in the cockpit of a game boat with a smile from ear to ear! It didn't take long for Jeff to move into the Captains seat and ever since that day his goal has been to catch each client their biggest fish to date.

Along the way Jeff caught Maui's first Grander by a charter boat! The 1118 pound blue marlin was caught in 2002 and still stands as the record. Capt. Jeff has chased Granders from Australia's Great Barrier Reef to most recently Nova Scotia for thousand pound bluefin with the Pelagic team. Capt. Jeff has 4 children that enjoy his passion for the ocean as much as he does, don't be surprised to see one of them setting a pattern for you on board the Piper.