47' - Mahea B

47' - Mahea B

Dry docked until further notice.

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47 Foot  Vikings Boat Based in Ko Olina. Charter Prices are per boat and include rods, reels, tackle and bait.  

The Mahea B is a 47 ft. Luxury Tournament Sportfisher with a 16 ft. beam. She is conveniently located at the beautiful Ko Olina harbor.

The boat is very close to some of the best fishing spots on Oahu. The captain and crew have fished these waters for years and know where the big fish are biting.

Mahea B provides all the necessary gear for you to catch the big fish. Whether its your first time deep sea fishing or a seasoned angler, the experienced crew will make your day on the water a very memorable experience.  

The beautiful interior with its spacious galley, satellite lcd tv and two staterooms/bathrooms offers you another way to relax on your day out sportfishing. 

The captain Hugh Foster is USCG certified and has been fishing since he could hold a rod. His father has a charter boat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and his brother runs a charter boat in Kona, Hawaii.  


Boat Info

Address: Ko Olina Marina 92-100 Waipahe Pl. Kapolei, Hawaii 96707 - Slip I 11
Name: Mahea B Captain: Capt Henry
Boat Launched: 1998 Staff on Board: 2
Length of Boat: 47 feet                                                                Beam :  15.8 feet                                          
Private Charters: yes Shared Charters: no
Tag and Release: no Keep Catch: yes/up to 100 lbs
Fishing License Required: no Fish Filleted: yes
Types of Rods: Shimano Types of Reels: Shimano/Accurate
Bent/Straight Rods: yes/yes Reel Sizes: 50-130
Fighting Chair: yes Tackle Included: yes
Flybridge: yes Bait Types: lures/live/dead
Engine: Twin Mann Diesels Fish Finder/GPS: yes/yes
Tuna Tower: no Life jacket Adult/Child: yes/yes
Galley: yes Cabins: 2
Food Provided: no Alcohol Permitted: yes
Fridge/Cooler: yes Refreshments Included: water
Air Conditioning: no CD/TV/Microwave: yes/yes/yes
Toilet/Head: yes Shower: yes
Swimming Policy: yes Transportation: no
Bottom Fishing: yes Spectator Fee: same price
Minimum age: no Maximum Passengers: 6



There are no videos of the boat at this time.

We recommend you to bring the following: Suntan Lotion, Hat, Rainjacket, Sunglasses, Sweater, Water, Food, Sea Sickness Pills, Book/Magazine

This boat offers private charters. You will be the only group on the boat and can ask the Captain to take you to certain locations. On a private charter if you want to bring the boat in early, you can do this. There are many advantages to booking the boat to yourselves.

This boat does not offer shared charters.

Check out the latest sea conditions for all the Hawaiian Islands.



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