33' - The Hustler

33' - The Hustler

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33' Blackfin Sportfishing vessel Based in Kona. Charter Prices are per boat (Maximum 6 people) and include rods, reels, tackle and bait..

The “Hustler” is one of the nicest Blackfin Sportfishing vessels that you’ll ever board, as it was completely rebuilt from its hull to the bridge in 2019. They got new upholstery and lounge cushions, air conditioning, teak wood, marine controls, LED lighting and salon appliances, as well as brand new 370 HP Cummins engines that can reach a top speed of just over 34 knots. The Hustler Boat is an extremely comfortable boat, and it is kept in immaculate condition inside and out.

The Hustler Sportfishing team is a legend in the Hawaiian waters! They held World and Hawaiian Record Fish including giant Blue Marlin, huge Yellowfin Tuna, and a monstrous 1207 lb Shortfin Mako Shark. Prior to the pandemic in 2020, The Hustler Team was the top “Big Fish” boat in Kona with (8) Blue Marlin that all measured or weighed more than 700lbs. If you want to go fishing with an outstanding crew, look no further! 

The boat accommodates up to 6 guests on day fishing trips, while the overnight trips can take up to 4 visitors. To make your overnight trips super comfy and customized, the boat has a BBQ, hot pad burners and other appliances for cooking, cup holders, a dining table, plenty of cooler space, and a bathroom. If it gets too hot outside, there’s an air-conditioned cabin.

Your main targets will be Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Tuna, Spearfish, Mahi Mahi (Dorado) and Wahoo (Ono). The Hustler Team will also take you bottom fishing if discussed prior to the trip.  One of the best attributes of Kona Hawaii (besides its notoriously calm waters and pristine weather), is that you will be fishing right along the majestic volcanic coastline or just a few miles offshore.

Top of the line “Tournament Ready” Shimano and Penn IGFA fishing equipment (Spinners, 30s, 50s, 80s and 130s) are available on the boat at all times. If you need fly fishing or snorkeling equipment, just request it in advance. The crew will also provide your snacks and bottled water, but you can bring any other beverages and food you prefer. The Hustler Crew also offers Pre-Ordered Lunches as well as Hot BBQ lunches cooked fresh out on the water (Extra Cost).

The Hustler Sportfishing crew members are personable, knowledgeable, experienced fishermen, eager to make their guests happy. Safety, Customer Service, and Catching Fish is the name of the game! 

Catch Policy:
Keep all fish under 15 lbs. Cut and Filleted.


Boat Info

Address: Honokohau Harbor - Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96741
Pick up & Drop Off  : Kailua Pier - Ali'i Dr. and Kaahumanu Pl. - Kailua, 96740
Name: The Hustler                                                                  Captain: KC Pelle
Boat Launched: 2019  Staff on Board: 2
Length of Boat: 33 feet   Beam : 12.5 
Private Charters: yes  Shared Charters: yes
Tag and Release: yes Keep Catch: Yes, if fish is less than 15 pounds
Fishing License Required: no Fish Filleted: yes
Types of Rods: Shimano Types of Reels: Shimano
Bent/Standup Rods: yes/yes      Reel Sizes: 30/ 50/ 80/ 130
Fighting Chair/Harness: yes/yes Tackle Included:yes
Flybridge:  yes Bait Types: Lures & Live Bait (Sometimes)
Engine:  370 HP Cummins Fish Finder/GPS: yes/yes
Tuna Tower: no Life jacket Adult/Child: yes/yes
Galley: yes Cabins: 1
Food Provided: Additional fee Alcohol Permitted: yes
Fridge/Cooler: yes Refreshments Included: Water & Coffee
Air Conditioning: yes CD/TV/Microwave: yes/no/yes
Toilet/Head: yes Shower: no
Swimming Policy: yes Transportation: Yes, Only if required
Bottom Fishing: yes Spectator Fee: No
Minimum age: no Maximum Passengers: 6



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We recommend you to bring the following: Suntan Lotion, Hat, Rainjacket, Sunglasses, Camera, Sweater, Water, Food, Sea Sickness Pills, change of clothes, (especially for children) Towel, Book/Magazine

This boat offers private charters. You will be the only group on the boat and can ask the Captain to take you to certain locations. On a private charter if you want to bring the boat in early, you can do this. There are many advantages to booking the boat to yourselves.

There will be other anglers on this charter. The captain will decide where you go fishing and you will be on a specific time frame decided by the charter company.

Check out the latest sea conditions for all the Hawaiian Islands.



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